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A Year To Remember 2020

We are officially a few days away from the New Year, hooray!!! A lot of us don’t wish to reflect on the year 2020, yet it is most definitely a historical year. No matter how the year may have transpired for you, its impact will be long lasting. It is common to hear the catchphrases “New Year New Me” or “Next Year is My Year” during the holiday season. However, the rollercoaster of uncertainties in 2020 seems to have caused many people to take a step back from setting new year goals and even mentioning these mantras. Some people may ask “where do I go from here” while others are saying, “what can I expect in 2021?” My answer to you, I don’t know.

I do know this; it’s a new year and it should be entered with a clear mindset. Reflect on your 2020 experiences, the obstacles you overcame, and the opportunities gained to form deeper interpersonal relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. As you reflect, take into consideration the small things that we always take for granted such as hugging loved ones, walking outside without a mask, dining in restaurants, hosting and attending gatherings without restrictions, and so much more. Take notes of your reflection of the year the good and the bad, the things that occurred, your feelings throughout the year, etc.

Although the pandemic is not over, it doesn’t mean 2021 has to start with the same feelings of 2020. Use your reflections to fuel your 2021 purpose. Once you’ve determined your purpose you have the power to change your life despite the pandemic or any other curveballs. Know you have an infinite potential to make next year better than last year. Leave the virus fatigue mentality in 2020, continue to wear your mask and wash your hands and start living life purposefully.

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