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How To Destress:

Mental health is something that’s often overlooked in many communities. However, this form of health is just as important as physical health, and needs to be maintained just as any form of health. When you eat good you feel good and when you exercise your body thanks you. The same applies to feeding your mental. Many people come to the Caribbean to get away from the stresses of larger countries. Island life is peaceful on its own but there are definitely things you can do to get away and distress. Here are a few places you can retreat to calm your mind.

· Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas is an island retreat for many yoga doers. They have meditation sessions in a spiritual community near Cabbage beach

· St. Lucia also has a wellness themed resort that focuses on yoga and meditation. The prices of these classes are included in your stay at The Body Holiday.

· Jackies On The Reef is a place recently rebuilt in Jamaica. It’s a temple of no particular faith for people to practice spiritual and wellness therapies

· Staying at a resort or hotel with a private beach adds quite a bit of serenity when feeding your mental. Before booking your stay, ask around to see which resorts include this feature

· Integrating yourself with island culture is proven to be an amazing getaway. Booking an inland Air Bnb’s will allow you to be close with locals without feeling like a tourist

· Good mental health is also attributed to eating well and feeling good. Stopping by a market where they sell fresh vegetables, fish, and traditional foods made from scratch will surely feed your mental (as well as your tummy)

· If you’re into religion and spirituality try seeking out a local church on the island. The welcoming congregation and service will surely boost your mood

· Lastly, try seeking out things in nature. Walks on the beach and hiking the island mountains will clear your mind and help restore your mental

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