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Poison Prevention

Every day health requires proactive measures. It’s more than just taking remedies, its going the extra mile to make sure you’re always in tip top shape. Along with vitamins, exercise, and healthy eating, comes other preventative measures that can help keep you healthy and safe. Poison prevention is one of the easiest defenses against getting sick. This post will give you basic guides on how to stay safe.

-Put the toll free poison control center number in your phone 1800-222-1222 and post in your house in a clear area for emergencies

-Keep all chemicals, household cleaners, medicines, and potentially poisonous substances in locked cabinets or out of the reach of children. 

-Never mix household or chemical products together. Doing so can create a dangerous gas.

-Never share prescription medicines.

-Keep cleaning products in their original containers. Never put a potentially poisonous product in something other than its original container where it could be mistaken for something else.

-Check homes built before 1978 for lead based paint. If lead hazards are present hire professional to control and remove lead sources safely 

-Install a carbon monoxide alarm to prevent poisoning

-When outside be careful about touching foreign leaves or plants youre unfamiliar with

When around rusted metals or nails touch only with gloves and with care 

 With these tips, poison prevention can be easily achieved.

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