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AIDS Awareness

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Sexual health and sexual awareness is important and not discussed nearly enough as it should be. Due to the taboo nature of premarital sex, everyone seems to be quiet on the discussion around sex health and treatment awareness. Among one of the most well known STI’s is HIV and Aids, a disease that if not detected and treated early can result in poor quality of life and even death. It is very important to know how to prevent STIs in a manner that includes discussions about safe sex in addition to abstinence. Listed below are some ways to check yourself and make it easier for talking to sexual partners.

· Stay abstinent

This is the answer most are reluctant to hear because it avoids the discussion of sex as a whole. However, if you’re not having sex you cannot contract infections. Although many people choose not to go this route it is the safest and most effective in STI prevention.

· Practice Safe sex

Safe sex is talking to your partner about their status before sleeping with them, getting regular check ups for yourself, using condoms properly, and making sure not to mix or transfer sex fluids before, during, or after sex

· Recognize the signs

If something seems off regarding how often you get sick, get a check up. Feeling sicker more often, flu like symptoms and general discomfort in genital regions can be an indicator that you might have an STI. Always seek medial help so you can track your status and prevent passing it on to someone else

· Communicate with your partner

Sometimes this can be hard but its necessary. If after (or before) sleeping with someone you notice changes within your sexual health, be open about discussing. Get tested together before date night so youre always sure where you stand.Discussions about STIs and sexual health are taboo but they don’t have to be. The more comfortable we are addressing sexual activity the more likely we can control sexual infections and who we pass them along to. To end the stigma about STIs we must be open and honest with ourselves first. Get tested and always remember to practice safe sex!

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