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Pregnancy & Infant Loss

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"We remember: the babies born sleeping, those we carried but never held, those we held but could not take home, those who came home but could not stay." - Unknown

Finding out one is expecting and will soon give birth, brings about various emotions ranging from joy to anxiety. However, the stark reality of not being able to give birth to a healthy baby or see your child reach their first birthday remains a sad reality for many families.

Approximately 1 in 100 pregnancies at 20 weeks gestation end in stillbirth, which translates to 24,000 stillborn babies in the United States each year. 10% to 15% of preganinces end in miscarriage, with most occurring during the first trimester. The chance of miscarriage in the second trimester is 5%. Some causes for pregnancy loss and infant death are: stillbirth, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, SIDS, and congenital birth defects.

Women of all races, ethnicities, income levels, and of all ages suffer in silence and believe that they are alone. They walk around with the greatest weight on their hearts, blaming themselves, crying endlessly at nights unbeknown to even their spouse. This is something that can never be reversed or undone. It’s the type of pain that will never go away. The month of October is designated as pregnancy and infant loss awareness month with October 15 observed as a day of remembrance.

Here are some suggestions that may assist you with your healing;

● Create memories of your baby

● Take it slow

● Talk with your partner

● Seek help, you don't have to do it alone

● Practice self care

● Consider hiring a doula

● Keep a Journal

It is unfortunate that these alarming statistics are increasing in the United States with more and more black mothers dying everyday at disproportionate rates. No family, child or mother should have to experience this type of loss. #BlanketChange is a call to action by the March of Dimes demanding equity, access and preventative services for all mothers and babies. We at Island Hope International believe there is a real need for change; so we ask you to join us in support of #BlanketChange because together we can make a difference. Visit to learn more and become a part of the movement.

Visit to send an email to support blanket change with one click.

Register for Support Group at Postpartum Support International

Make an Appointment at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota and at other system locations

Connect with a telephone counselor

March of Dimes

Share your story, encourage one another, talk to someone and bring awareness

#NeverForgotten #KnowOurBabies #PALS #IslandHopeAwareness #BlanketChange #AngelBabies #IslandHope🌴 #MaternalHealthMatters #BlackMomsMatter #HealthDisparities

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